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David Coxon, M.A.

Professional and Educational Background

David Coxon started his mental health career in Seattle back in 2013. He has extensive experience in the world of non-profit mental health and crisis response. He has worked in various capacities, including an inpatient psychiatric hospital, a day center for those who are homeless or in recovery, the King County crisis and suicide prevention line, and community mental health center. Throughout his career, David exhibited a passion for marginalized individuals in crisis or who struggled with severe mental health issues, and advocated for increased access and equity within the public mental health system.

In 2017, David received his Master’s degree in Psychology from Seattle University’s Existential Psychology and Phenomenology program. This helped David consider the practice of psychology from a critical perspective, enabling him to help clients work through fundamental questions around the meaning of life, helping client’s work through and discover their hierarchical system of values that create meaning in their lives.

David has been in Private Practice since 2019. He received training in EMDR trauma therapy that same year, which allows him to help clients process PTSD and trauma symptoms. He has a patient, client centered approach, but also knows when to challenge his clients. He is known for his authenticity, humor, and passion for the work. David deeply believes in the importance of building a trusting relationship between himself and his clients in order to create the space necessary for emotional depth, vulnerability, and healing to occur.

Areas of Specialization

  • Trauma
  • Grief
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Life Changes
  • Existential Concerns

Personal Information

David enjoys seeking restoration through nature, whether it’s backpacking, kayaking, or mountain biking. He’s also a musician who plays the drums and appreciates live music. He also enjoys a quiet night in playing tabletop games or Magic: The Gathering with friends.

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